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Guest conductor at the 7th Philharmonic Concert with Bergische Symphoniker and Theo Plath

On March 8 , 9, and 10, 2022, the Bergische Symphoniker perforemed under the direction of conductor Zoi Tsokanou together with the soloist bassoon virtuoso Theo Plath at the Theater und Konzerthaus (Solingen), the Teo Otto Theater (Remscheid), and the Kulturzentrum (Herne), respectively.

Theo Plath photo © Marco Borggreve

The program was titled "Pieces" and featured works by Giannis Konstantinidis (Dodecanese Suite No. 2), Carl Maria von Weber (Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra in F major) and Alexander Borodin (Symphony No. 2 in B minor).

At the beginning Zoi brought a little piece of home with her: the Dodecanese 2nd Suite by Giannis Konstantinidis, a folk melody and a piece with lots of orchestral colour. This was followed by the Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra in F major Op. 75 by Carl Maria von Weber performed together with the young bassoonist Theo Plath, while the finale involved a cheerful Russian symphony, the Symphony No. 2 in B minor by Alexander Borodin.

The work of Carl Maria von Weber was framed by music by two composers, neither of whom composed "seriously" as their main job: Borodin was a professor of chemistry, and Konstantinidis was a renowned pop composer under the pseudonym Kostas Giannidis.

As a sign of solidarity, the piece "Evening Serenade" by the Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov was included in the program at short notice.



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