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Debussy, Koumentakis, Schumann, Contemporary Greek Concertos

On May 4, Zoi Tsokanou led the ERT Symphony Orchestra in two iconic orchestral works of Impressionism and Romanticism respectively.

Debussy's Prelude captures with dream-like tones the warm atmosphere of an evening matinée, while Schumann's First Symphony draws on wandering gestures capturing the refreshing power of spring.

At the heart of the programme, acclaimed pianist George-Emmanuel Lazaridis performed George Koumentakis' Fourth Piano Concerto, which draws direct inspiration from the inexhaustible wealth of the Byzantine musical tradition.

The concert marked for the Athens Concert Hall the beginning of an exploration into the world of Greek creation for solo instrument under orchestra accompaniment.

The old, time-tested form of the concerto continually finds new life in the 20th and 21st centuries.



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